Monday, March 30, 2009

Get some Quamut ("how to")

In case you missed it, about a year ago Barnes and Noble launched the how-to website, From Reuters Business Wire: "In an age where people can go online and look up how to do just about anything, authored by just about anyone, consumers are often faced with inaccurate, poorly presented information surrounded by ads virtually indistinguishable from content and from sources they are not sure they can trust. But now, ( introduces how-to guides that offer credible information in a concise, user-friendly format."

website, offers this definition for Quamut (pronounced kwah-mutt):
1. Latin for "how to",
2. Authoritative guides published by Barnes and Noble

There are 3 formats:

  • Quamut Online - the guides in their "entirity, free online ... hyperlinked throughout"
  • Quamut to Go - the complete and fully searchable PDF that you can download for $2.95. Most are 2-8 pages long. Print at will.
  • Quamut Chart - many are also available as laminated durable foldouts for $5.95.

Worth checking out?
Lessee, do I like ... Concise, accurate, easily referenced guides? Check. Being able to find information on the web that can be trusted? Check. Tangible "manna-from-heaven"-like laminated foldouts? Check. The ability to just download a PDF when tree-murder-guilt or impulse control are an issue? Check. That it's brought to you by Barnes and Nobel, Inc., the world's largest bookseller? .... eh ....

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