Sunday, April 26, 2009

Open Art

Pop over to Artists Wanted to help them answer the question: "What shapes our world more, art or design?" You'll be presented with a series images, the work of an artist on the left, and that of a designer on the right, and asked to select the one you find more moving.

The real goal of the competition, and Artist Wanted at large, is to to make the process of breaking in to the professional art world "more welcoming, dynamic and open-ended" by helping to build "new lasting opportunities for emerging talent".

Here are some of the artists and designers I had the fortune of coming across thanks to the project:

1. Melissa Furness
"Throughout my life I have been very aware of myself in relation to environment ... how the places where I have resided have formed my identity, and how human presence forms a place as well. There is an internal sense of feeling either connected or disconnected to the places in which we reside that effects all of our interactions ... The concept of a hybrid reality can be seen throughout my work in painting through a complex layering of space."

24in x 24in

Outlying Positions
24in x 24in

For more of Melissa's work, visit:

2. Olga Nazarkina
"I searched the way to express the feeling of the infinite space being limited by the size of canvas" and to "create a sense of the abstract concept of endlessness."

The Tree of Wisdom
2007, Color Paper
"This is the first art piece in my series of applique' works in colored paper. The thin branches are interlaced with one another, resembling A neuron pattern in the brain. Being dark and light they are life stories that comprise the tree of wisdom."

Sangina/ Paper, 2006


Oil/Canvas, 2006

Color Paper, 2007
"The composition is created from thin strokes of colored paper. 3D quality helps to establish the mood of a poignant rain."

See more of Olga's work at:

3. Mays Mayhew
"In recent work, I am exploring two concepts; one the concept of memory and two the concept of love. Memory intrigues me because it is intangible and fleeting. Existentially recalling a memory is interesting because the more one actively concentrates on a past event, the more that is uncovered. In the brain, the memories look like tiny dendrites."

No Umbrella 1
Oil/Wax Gems/Nylon Thread, (2007)
14 x 11 x 1 in.

Free Fall 2
Oil, cheesecloth, (2009)
50 x 20 x 1.5 in.

Oil, gems, glitter, (2009)
18 x 28 x 3 in.

For more of Mayhew's work, visit:

4. Graham Slick
"I take pleasure in the physical process of image making, be it the discovery of a more precise way to apply wiggle eyes or a new way to drip ink. No matter how complex the construction of my images, my goal is to maintain a spirit of playfulness in my work that resonates with the viewer. "

"A new idea must not be judged by its immediate results." - Nikola Tesla
2009, mixed media on wood
12 x 12 inches

The Lonely Sasquatch

2008, mixed media on found book
12 x 8 inches

See more of Graham's work at:

5. Ania Baran
Young, polish, new to photography

Theatre of Dreams
Nikon D40

Nikon D40

The Morfeusz gifts
Nikon D40

For more of Ania's work, visit:

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